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Wireless Home Computer LogoWith many of the time consuming problems related to the wired network. With no wires to install and little computer networking knowledge required.

The biggest advantages for a wireless computer is cost. It’s easy to setup a wireless home computer.

The biggest advantages for a wireless computer is cost. It’s easy to setup a wireless home computer.

With many of the time consuming problems related to the wired network. With no wires to install and little computer networking knowledge required.

Wireless devices cover the gambit, such as, Wi-Fi door locks, Wi-Fi security cameras, Wi-Fi smart TV’s and wireless Webcams.

One can practically run the daily operations of a home or business using their smartphone and a wireless home computer network, from across the globe.

Wireless equipment is an investment. When you wire a network, the money spent  on cabling  is often lost. You can’t pull the cables out of the wall when you move  and take it with you.

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In a wireless environment you just unplug the equipment and move it to the next  location. Wireless networks also provides all of the benefits of traditional wired  networks, because it’s easy and quick to install.

Wired networks move mass amounts of data, peak speeds

  • High-quality Multimedia – MP3 – Audio – Video
  • Wired networking is the most practical way to do it
  • Easy to use – Highest possible Range – Blazing speed
  • 802.11ac specification (review) is a massive upgrade

Don’t ditch your wired network just yet for all wireless

In fact you probably have a network that is hard wired, so wireless computer networking is just another solution for flexible mobility. A wireless local area networks should be used to enhance the existing wireless home computer or business network – Not replace it.

The Wireless Home Computer World Is Evolving

Increasingly larger parts of the lower sections of the market are following suit; 802.11ac is becoming a “normal” feature in most good routers. With new hardware and protocol technologies become faster, with better communications.

Why should you use a Wireless-AC routers?

Which road do you take? What is the best way to implement wireless into your existing wireless home computer, or business network.

Is there a way to install the technologies without having to crawl around in the ceiling to run cable to every desktop, only to have to move everything again a month or two later.

And how secure is the wireless network? If your installing networked computers in older buildings, you might find wireless networks are cost-effective network infrastructure solution wireless offers a quicker setup and easier deployment…

…especially if the walls are not easy to run cables between or contain hazardous materials, such as asbestos and lead paint.

Simply – Wireless Home Computer Networking is a Solution

If you have existing wiring your wired for Ethernet. A network using radio waves instead of cables or wires is a WI-Fi or wireless network.

If you have a Wireless Home Computer Router you won’t need the access point, but you can extend the wireless coverage of your home or business when you add an access point, you can easily do this, just plug in the access point to your wireless router.

You can also use a wireless repeater…

…to regenerate the signal from the access point to your PC. Repeaters are a good way to increase the range of your wireless computer network.

Installing a wireless home computer is easy and avoids not just the hassle and horror of pulling cables and adding holes but it also unshackles your desktop and Laptop computers.

And when or if the company moves to a new location you can’t take the wiring and all of the installation cost with you. You can move around a room or house.

You can surf in the back yard, on the roof, or maybe even at a neighbor’s home. So you can put them virtually anywhere!

Especially if you have a tablet or laptop, no need to tear walls apart, drill holes or demolish your home or business.

Wireless Home Computer – Takeaway

Simply a collection of computers, printers, game consoles or scanners that are connected either by the existing wiring in your house, designated cables, or by radio waves for the purpose of sharing.

It’s easy to connect your Wireless Home computer – Wi-Fi – to computers. Since Ethernet was first developed, it has quickly become the basis for the Internet, local-area networks (LANs), and enterprise-wide networks spanning an entire geographic area, called wide-area networks or WANs.

With Increasingly Complex Applications

And the need for Internet access, more and more networks are facing capacity limitations. Increasing the performance and capacity of networks, as well as efficiently managing the bandwidth provided is driving the adoption of wireless home networking products to unprecedented levels.

Jim E. Novak